Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Life in the FAST Lane!

It's hard to believe that our little Joey is 13 yrs old!
His birthday was in July!
He is our second youngest 
and now it's only Luke that is not a teenager.
We currently have 14 teenagers!
Please include us in your prayers!

Right before his bday we went to 
ELKO speedway with HopeKids!

We were new to this type of outing
and didn't arrive early enough to get an actual seat.

No complaints we sat on the grass in the very front row!

 And the fencing between us and the cars 
felt SAFE!

It was quite thrilling to watch the cars race!

I had to process whether or not 

I would want this to be may next career...

I decided...
wait for it...
wait for it...

I don't think race car driving will be my next career, passion or hobby!
But I loved the racing and so did the kids!

Joey came home at 5 yrs old,
so he has been home for 8 years now!

He loves his birthday and his life!
We homeschool most of the kids but Joey happily goes to school.
He is very social. loves to meet friends and has a ready smile, every day!

Joey doesn't enjoy academics but he loves being active!
He does unified sports(Special Olympics) at Orono schools!
Since he is quite athletic, he is definitely an asset to the team!

Happy Birthday Joey!
You are a blessing to us
and everyone that meets you!