Monday, October 4, 2021

Thank you July!

This July was extra extra special
because our oldest son, Matt
and his family spent the 
in Minnesota!

Before this, we hadn't seen them for 18 month...
that is much too long!
No thank you Covid...

* Be sure to scroll to the next post or two! I'm doing quite a few catch up posts!*

We haven't lived in the same city or state 
as Matt and Caitlin for...
over 11 years.
So having them nearby was the most incredible blessing!

 it made it even more special
because they now have two beautiful daughters!

Having this sweet girl in our home was indescribable JOY!

And her precious little sister was pure JOY!

The rented a VRBO house,
Matt worked from their home and
Caitlin was with the girls!

Auntie Barbie was thrilled to see them!
She loves and adores her nephews and 
our amazing DIL's and grands!

We weren't the only ones enjoying the girls!
The girls love their Uncles 
and there is quite the competition as to 
which Uncle is the best one?
Johnny is enjoying the extra love and hugs!

We were able to celebrate their birthdays in MN!
E turned 5 years old and J turned 3 yrs old!
First time this has ever happened!

We are a large crew so it may have been 
slightly overwhelming for our two little girls!

So cute watching them blow out the candles!

And they each got a bag full of gifts to use during their time in MN!

Emma loves making her own birthday cards/ drawings!

Good job Emma!
The girls loved them!

So many fun activities to do!

It's been even longer since our kids at home saw them.
In fact they had never met littlest sister... 

Nana and Papa went to their house and babysat!
Yes, they could have come to our house
but truthfully we wouldn't have gotten the time with them.
Our kiddos at home are awesome but the grands 
go off and play with them and we barely see them!

So this was a completely strategic move!
And we got the results we hoped for!

Time with our sweet grand daughters!
And see,
Papa is even in this pic!
Check out the mirror!

 July also brought a few changes in the Hemoc Department at Children's Hospital!
For the first time since Covid we could bring a sibling to the transfusions!
Yay! Siblings are so much FUN!

This group of 8 kiddos went to the Steubenville Retreat!

It's always noticeable when we are missing some kids.
But we did have a wonderful weekend at home 
with the other 8 kiddos!
(Mia is at work.)

Our kids have quite the dog care business in our neighborhood!
They have cared for dogs in three different homes!
It's been a blessing to our kids and to the other families!

After church we met big brother Billy at our favorite Chinese Restaurant!

On Sunday we picked up the crew from the conference!
They were on fire for Jesus
and it was such a blessing to all of us!

We had some great conversations and testimonies!

 We spent a Sunday afternoon at the swimming pool 
with Matt, Caitlin and the girls!

Hubby and I met Kelly and Billy for lunch 
in northern MN/ Duluth and walked along Lake Superior!

In late July the adults attended a family wedding in Northern MN!

Makenzie and Jim (our nephew and our kids' first cousin)
 are a beautiful couple.
We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

The two of them love to golf, so the wedding was held
at their local Country Club!
It was a beautiful evening and a perfect setting!

Such a joy to have so many from our family together!
Mark and Kari were unable to make it bc they were at another wedding.

It was a fabulous evening!

Hi... this is me!
Sometimes I'm the photographer
and since it was a wedding in hubby's family
I didn't quite make it into the photos!
Just want ya'll to know that I was there...!
Ya, I'm in the ladies room!
This is just between us, right!?!

But, I more than made up for it with grand daughter pics!
Yep! Hubster was the photographer here!

It doesn't get any better than this!
Hugs and cuddles with Nana!

I'm happy to help you with your hair tie!

Thank you Jesus for this amazing time with our grand daughters!

It was hard to say goodbye to them 
at the end of July/ beginning of August...
But, we are so thankful for the time we had together.


Lydia said...

Do they still let siblings in now? UW Madison let them in earlier this year, but now my mom is trying to get special approval to bring my brother with. Hopefully it will work.

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