Friday, November 19, 2021

BOO! Halloween 2021

We seem to have a new and unique Halloween celebration each year!
Have I told you about my pet peeve regarding wearing socks...
without shoes?
Nowadays, I just pretend I didn't see it!

Many of our kids were working on this day.
But the ones at home, got to carve pumpkins!

Emma and Luke took out the pumpkin seeds so we could roast them!

Looks like Jake got the "manly" job 
of removing the yucky insides of the pumpkin!

And Sam, too!
Thanks guys!

It's so different now that the kids are older!
They do the pumpkin carving from beginning to end!
I think Papa and I were having coffee in the porch
during this project!

They love creating their own designs!

We had 2 kids per pumpkin,
which for us... is pretty good!

Then, an early pizza dinner at big sis, K and A's house.
with the grands!

Ali was a character from Pokemon!
And yes, I should know who she was BUT...
I don't?
Can you help me out?
Whatever she is, she's adorable!

And here we have another Pokemon character!
Please help me out!

The grands were so excited to go Trick or Treating!

The Mom and Dad took them out in the neighborhood 
while we held down the fort at home!

It was a bit chilly out there!
Big difference from VA to MN!

BUT, they actually lasted longer 
then I thought they would!

A better view of our carved pumpkins!
We brought them over to their house 
since we don't have ANY trick or treaters!
Zero, zilch, none...

Our small Halloween crew!

Our bigger kiddos handed out the halloween treats
to the neighbor kids!

A small bundle of our kids 
went trick or treating at a few houses~

Thank goodness they shared with the rest of us!
Oh, I mean the other children OF COURSE!

We also watched the Viking game...
they lost...
Oh well...

Happy Halloween!

(PS- We've never spent Halloween with grands before!
It was delightfully scary!)

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