Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Wedding Reception and a 15th Birthday!

Kari and Mark waited 8 months to celebrate their wedding 
with extended family and friends!

It was a perfect late October evening 
when we all got together again!

And what a JOY to have all 5 bio kids together!
Matt flew all the way from Seattle to join the festivities!
We truly missed Caitlin and the lil girls but
they couldn't make the trip back.

Thankful to have professional pics of us!

The other side of the family!
We are all amazingly blessed!

Our bigs (missing Caitlin)
are a FUN group!


And a lovely sister!

Who adores her little brother!

A proud Mom and Dad
with the young couple!

Hanging out, waiting for the party to begin!

Welcoming the guests!

And an introduction!

Singing Uncles!
And they were GOOD!
It looks like married into a fun family!

Everyone enjoyed it!

The bride and groom dance!

Beautiful couple!

Siblings enjoying each other's company!

Dancing the night away!

With my boys!

Our two oldest!

with a photo bomber!

Add in an MIL!

Kari had one sister...
she now has many, MANY sisters and brothers!

It was an absolutely delightful evening spent with the adults in the family!
Our younger kids at home and the grands had a fun evening at our house!
We missed them but sometimes it's okay to have time with our older kids, too!
And sometimes the Mom and Dad appreciate a break!

Because, most of the time 
we are blessed to be with this awesome crew!

The cross country kiddos showed us an awesome place 
for a fall hike, right near our house!
So on Madeline's bday we all went out!

Love the deep blue sky peeking through!

It was an absolutely beautiful golden maple forest!

It started out crisp and cool-

but quickly warmed up!

I felt like a kid again!

It's nice to take the group photo some place else instead of the mantle!
Oftentimes we are not all together now.
Some have sport commitments while others are working.

Either way, we continue on with the celebration!

Madeline chose the Cheesecake Factory!
And we did not argue!
(We LOVE cheesecake!)

She brought 4 of her siblings with her!

We had to wait a while for a table...
so we did a little shopping at H&M!

These three beauties sat on one side of the table!

The birthday girl, another sis and her Momma sat over here!
Dad sat at the end of the table and took pics!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Madeline!
We sang and enjoyed!
It was a wonderful evening!

Just want to end this post with a fun pic 
of some of the cross country kiddos at McDonalds!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Pickle Ball, Hiking and More Family

Nothing like spending a weekend away with big kids!
We played "Pickle Ball" for the first time
and LOVED it!

At one point we were even beating these two!
Okay, it didn't last long
but it was a moment of glory!

Another new passion of ours,
is hiking!
We knew we loved walking but 
wow, hiking is even better and feels great!

Johnny took us on some great hikes
in southern MN!

It was picturesque!

And adventurous,
because we had no idea where we were going 
and when we'd be done!

Lovely views!

And a gorgeous day!

Fall/ Autumn is my favorite season!

While Abby worked, we hiked with Johnny!

Found another hiker,
that took a few scenic pics of us!


Thankful for this time together!

A proud Momma and her son!

Enjoying a beverage at a local brewery!

My fav "Miss Sippi"!
Two thumbs up!

I know... why would I post two almost identical pics?
Because my baby boy is in it and 
I couldn't decide which one I liked better...

Off to a womens soccer game,
where Abby is the trainer for the team!
(We won and my friend's daughter played in the game!)

Day 2 of hiking!

Was even better than day 1!

We saw many deer with large racks!

It was so impressive!

This was a more difficult hike!
We only spent about 30 hours together but
every minute was treasured!

Our driveway back home!

Our beautiful fall walks!

The front yard!
The chairs are off of the grass for mowing.

The conference or sections(?) cross country meet!

Sammy ran JV most of the season!

Melissa ran Varsity.

This dude is Owen. He got 4th in the state!
He runs like the energizer bunny!
Just keeps going!

JV with a bundle of our gals in the mix!
(Jenny, Ava, Madeline, Anna, Abby)

Go Anna!

Go Abby!

The many faces of Abby!
And in the reflection are the rest of us,
chatting away!

We have 7 kids in Baker Nature classes this fall!

Including 3 in the High School class!

Anna, Ben and Sam!
Grace, Mary, Luke and Jake are also taking nature classes!

A girl's gotta "doo" what a girl's gotta do...

Blondes have more fun!
At least this one does when she is blonder!

Fall FUN with family!
It's been ages since we saw this group!
WHAT A BLESSING the evening was!

The two little guys love our crew
and it makes it even more of a blessing!