Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Where Do I Begin... to catch up on my blog posts!?!

I guess, where I left off...
Early and Mid October!

 We are LOVING being in town grandparents.
The blessings are more than we ever expected!

I was able to enjoy the Apple Orchard with the grands!

It was an after school outing!

So there were not many people there.
Just goats!

And chickens!
And cute little children!

I got a few pics of this lil guy while the others were busy!

For a lil guy,
he has a BIG personality!

Where are you?
Looks like she missed the photo op,
probably for something more interesting!

Makes me wonder?
What's up there?

So proud of our Unified Flag Football kids!
They had so much FUN!
Jake and Joe are in Middle School.
Em and El are in Transitions- 
this is their last year of partaking in the Unified program.
It has truly been a blessing for the girls!!

Next up on the Nana list was a pumpkin patch!

With kittens, of course!

And bright orange 
pumpkins in the background!

This one tempted us!
She is so cute!

But we stayed strong...
and she didn't come home with us...

Love the goosebumps on the pumpkins!
It makes them look so interesting!

And the gourds are so cool!

The girls quickly started playing with new friends!

And Lil Dude found a police car!
What more do you want from a pumpkin patch!

And next up was amazing Mia's bday!

Birthday's are so joyful!

Bennett was an awesome helper!
He even wanted to help everyone out, 
by eating their frosting!

He was slightly dismayed,
when we said,
"No thank you!"

Happy 20th Birthday Mia!

She is an amazing, lovely young lady!

Make a GREAT wish!

in the evening 
we went out for a special dinner
with some of the older girls!

Ava, Mia, Jennifer and Melissa!

We have been so abundantly blessed through adoption!
Thank you Jesus!

One last pic of this crazy fun crew,
as we head back home!

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Zanmei said...

I love how Mia has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. When she first joined your family, she was not so sure about this family thing. Now she's an amazing beloved daughter, sister, aunt, niece...only God!