Monday, February 14, 2022

Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Happy Thanksgiving 2021!
This is the crew that we saw throughout the day and evening!

We started our day with church!
What a blessing!
I love going to church on Thanksgiving day!

Then, obligatory pictures!
All, just to appease Mom ;-)

Thank you to my models, Mary and Grace!
Honestly, this is what it's all about!
Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!
Church, a great meal, fun family time,
relaxing, games, socializing, watching some football,
and very little stress or responsibility!


Is anyone noticing that most of our teens are close to the same height?  
Most are 4'10"- 5'2"
plus we have a 5'3" Ava and a 5'4" Anna
and then a 5'5"- Sam and a 5'7"- Ben!

Our teens at home are 13, 13, 13, 13, 14, 15, 15, 15, 15, 16, 16, 16, 16, 19
and our two young adults are 20 and 21!
They are a close knit group!
Sisters and brothers plus close friends!
It is a blessing!

Tom the turkey was 24 lbs this year!
He was a big boy and very tasty!

Jake could hardly wait!

Dad is our turkey carver!
He does a great job!

As a child in my house growing up, 
this was such an issue and so stressful...
yep, carving the turkey always ended in an argument...
I really don't understand how carving a turkey is that big of an issue?
But I am guessing it signified feelings...
my mom felt like she had to do everything
and got very little help...
That is not the way it is in our family.
Abundant help is always available!

Hubby starting carving the turkey early on... 
pretty much at the first family Thanksgiving he attended!
It was a welcomed relief to my parents!
Did he do it perfectly?
I don't know, they didn't say anything but they did thank him!
I'm guessing it was good enough!
Thank you honey!

We also never would have served from a plastic container 
(check out my cranberries)...?

Things have changed since I was a kid...

Most importantly,
I remember what a wonderful hostess and host my parents were!
And their meals were the BEST!
I loved my mom's cooking!
I'm guessing everyone loves their mother's cooking!

I like to set a nice table.
Festive, but not super fancy.
No tall arrangements in the middle 
that blocks you from the person across the table!
Everybody needs to be able to see each other, 
chat with them and enjoy 
the celebration!

The delicious food alone 
is reason to celebrate!

And this is my more casual crew!
Happy Thanksgiving guys!

It was just us eating the turkey dinner.
Adult kids were off with the other side of the family.
(But some joined us later in the afternoon!)

Our teens were delightful!
We try to rotate who sits at the big table
but I will be honest with you...

There is something to consider...
and that's the spill factor...
Our dinette chairs have been well loved and a bit abused by spills...
I am trying my hardest to spare the dining room chairs ;-)

I mean lived in and loved is good
It's okay to try to save a few pieces of furniture!

Let me explain this photo...
this would be two grandmas attempting to hid behind the young mom 
so that they "look better"...
We all had a good laugh as Katie caught on 
quite quickly to our motives!

Take two!
Me, Katie and Ev (Andrew's mom)
If I only showed this pic you would have had
no idea at the depth of the two grandma's vanity!

Blessed Granny's with the grands!
The children's shirts are from baby #4's announcement!

Here is Burgess Baby #4's announcement!
We are ALL extra thankful this year!
They are not going to find out what sweet baby #4 is???
What's your best guess?
Nana (me) says a girl!
Papa says a boy!

The Thanksgiving crew!
Plus Ken and Ev (not pictures)~ Andrew's parents!
They were the photographers!

Uncles are the BEST!
They all adore the nieces and nephews!

With our older boys,
it's a bit of a popularity contest!
Johnny clearly won on Thanksgiving!
Way to go Johnny!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

So Much to Be Thankful for in November!

We have so much to be thankful for...

and one thing that's obvious is~
our amazing kids!
They are so helpful everyday and especially when
it's time to help with house chores and seasonal chores!

Jennifer is our consistently happiest child!
She has a smile on her face most of the day,
she is quick to laugh and she naturally spreads joy!
Even though I still call her Jenny sometimes,
she has decided that Jennifer is her name!

Our backyard is huge...
and quite a project!
We have many many oak trees that 
NEVER. lose.. their... leaves... 

But the Burgess back yard is very doable!

So we offered our services
and got the job done in 

That made the Mommy and Daddy to this sweet girl

Their backyard maples didn't drop 
until mid November!

And Bennett...
Well, he was a huge help!

I am thankful that these amazing teens 
have fun doing this task together
and therefor...
we (as parents) have fun, too!

I am thankful this family moved back to MN!
And somehow, they bless us everyday!

Truth- I actually really like blowing leaves!
It's in the same category as vacuuming the garage...
I know... I have a few issues!

And somehow games replaced the work!
Gotta LOVE kids!

Red light, green light and Ali is in charge!

Sam the tree climber,
while the last few leaves are being pick up!

Yep, Joe made his way up the tree too!

The last scoop,
and that's a wrap!!

Although we often happily work for free...
this time each of the kids got a Caribou card
so they could have a treat of their choice!
Thank you Burgess family!

Next up was the Papa's birthday!
We invited the usual suspects!

It was a Viking football game day
so that made it even more fun!
And... I think we won?!?

We are always so thankful when we get to see our big kids!
The boys came over for Dad's birthday!

The Burgess kiddos were already with us!
Just missing the parents, that had a prior commitment.

We are sooooo blessed by our wonderful Hubby, Dad, and Papa!

He has always made his family,
his priority!

He has a helper blowing out the candles!

You can do it, Bennett!

he did it!

Emma loves to make cards for the birthday person!
The other kids used to do that too, but...
they have grown out of it.
Thank you Emma for your thoughtfulness!

From the Burgess family~
a German beer advent calendar!
What a FUN idea!
It was a great birthday for my handsome hubby!

Our kiddos LOVE to play games!

And... large family bonus!
There is always someone to play a game with!

We have a large house
but they all seem to want to
pile into one room!

10 kids all focused on their own game...
and it's not even a video game!
LOVE this!

We went to a Timberwolves game right before Thanksgiving!

They played the Miami Heat
and it was such a great game!

Very excited, right up until the end!

Some of the kids had another commitment
so they could not join us.

They missed a GREAT game!
Carl Anthony Towns jumped OVER 
a Miami Heat player and dunked the ball!

And the best part is~
Go Wolves!